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Woodcut, Maritime scene, sailing, Moby Dick, Herman Melville
I am Tormented by an Everlasting Itch for Things Remote. I Love to Sial Forbidden Seas and Land on Barbarous Shores.
muliti-colored woodcut print
42" x 14"

Herman Melville's Moby Dick has always been a major inspiration for me. I've done four woodcuts inspired by the novel. Anyone who's read it knows it's more than a novel. It's a meditaion on colonialism, culture, mankind in relation to the earth and each other. It's about pursuing a dream (or a nightmare). It's about going about living your life to the fullest, but what is the fullest?
The imagery of sailing on old whalers is always fascinating and a challenge to try and capture. I'm sure I will do many more of these images- trying to capture the feeling of being on one of those whaling ships. I hope you enjoy this one.