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The Buck-a-Shuck Guys at the Sandbar, Jetties Beach, ACK"
multi-color lino cut

Nantucket is known for it's beaches. There's an ocean side for waves, surfing, fishing; and a bay side for family fun in shallow water. I don't surf or fish, and my swimming is pretty basic, at best, so I do the bay side. About once a summer, after it's 80 degrees or so for a good week in July, I venture down to Jetties beach to jump in the waist-deep water and float around for a bit. I then head straight to the Sandbar restaurant/seafood shack in the parking lot and get some buck-a-shuck oysters and clams. It's always slammed with people, but the guys that run it are always in a good mood, smiling, telling jokes and slinging those bi-valves (they've waited all winter to rack in some cash during the summer, so yeah, they're feeling pretty good).