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Owen Chase House, woodcut, john carruthers
Self portrait reflection in Owen's door
3 color woodcut

Part of the "Owen Chase House" series, this image is a reflection of me in the front door. I'm holding up a camera, so you can't see my face, but my cowbaoy hat signifies my presence. The image is about my obsession w/ the house and Owen's story. In the image, I've become part of the house, as my reflesction is looking out from inside the house, but there is a reality check in that you can clearly see the camera I took the photo with. So, I'm both inside the house (in my head), and outside as a documentarian (if that's a word). The piece is about how when you are deeply at work on a series of images, you become a part of what you are documenting, so the finished product is always a reflection of who you are as well as a documrntation of a scene.