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Looking into the Black Rock Forest near Storm King School
No Path Through the Woods
24"x 32"

When I started teaching at the Storm King School, I decided I would try to capture how I feel about the forest. For some people, they get that feeling of the immensity of nature while standing on a beach. While I appreciate the vastness of the oceans, I get that humbling feeling while in the mountains looking at the "untamed majesty" of raw woods- beyond the path. The woods have an intense power. Yes, mankind can bulldoze it into oblivion, but as a one-on-one thing, the forest could crush you like a bug pretty darn fast. I respect that power.
I could never hunt, I'm much too impressed with animals that can live and thrive in that beautiful wilderness. I need the trappings of civilization, and I bow to the power of "the woods".
This image was also inspired by the landscapes of Gustave Klimt- check 'em out!