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Herman Melville, woodblock print, Nantucket images
Herman Melville
multi-color woodcut

Portrait of one of my favorite writers. I have read many novels, but in my early 30's I read Moby Dick. I was totally blown away, and that was that; the last novel I would read for many years. Now, I read mostly history or biographies (except for other early American writers like Nathaniel Hawthorn, or James Fenimore Cooper). To me Moby Dick is the ultimate expression of the novel- historical, creative, surreal, funny, action packed with philosohical digressions. You name it, Moby Dick has it. It's the perfect expression of the sublime. What is it about?-everything! The only other work of art on it's level is Wagner's Ring Cycle, in my humble opinion.
As you can tell, I'm a sucker for the Romantic era in writing, art, music, the whole package!