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Marquis De Sade in the Bastille
36" x 52"

The marquis De Sade was housed in the Bastille when whatever revolutionary French govt. was in power decided he was an enemy of the state. He would be let out when a new govt. came in and he could convince them that he would be a good propagandist for them. Then the next govt. would promptly throw him back into the Bastille. While there he ask his long suffering wife to have some sexual implements built to his specifications and sent to him there. He also had a pair of hounds to keep him company, and some very fine Bordeaux. He wrote "120 Days of Sodom" on a roll of paper and kept it hidden in the wall. When the Bastille was liberated, he ran out with his implements and wine, but left his literary masterpiece to remain undetected for about 100 years, when it was found and published to great controversy by Olympia Press in Paris in the 1940's (?)- Sorry, but I'm not punching in 120 Days of Sodom in Google search to find the exact year.- God knows what will come up.