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My Old Neighborhood
Nevins and Sackett St, Gowanus Brooklyn
18" x 36"

When I first moved to Brooklyn, I was living on the Carroll Gardens side of the Gowanus Canal. The other side of Union St. Bridge was a "no-mans" land of small factories, car repair shops, and ladies of the evening. People said, "Whatever you do, don't cross the bridge". When Carroll Gardens got to expensive, guess where I went. I found a great 2 bedroom apt for $450 a month and stayed for ten years. It was a great neighborhood. Next door neighbor, David, "owned" the street and kept it safe. Old Tommy grew up there and kept watch from his chair outside his house. This woodcut depicts what you saw as you crossed the bridge, turned left, and walked up the 1/2 block to Sackett st, my street.